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Client Reviews...
"The short time I have done business with Robert Whalen, I have been impressed with his upbeat attitude, punctuality, and efficiency. He sent paper work when we needed it and processed it quickly. He was always willing to answer any questions or concerns with clarity and without irritation. I would recommend Robert as an agent for those who want quickness and efficient service."
   - Ben Smurthwaite
"My brother sold his house through Robert and I was familiar with the entire process. Here's the highlights: He is honest and does not just tell you what you want to hear. He knows the market very well. He works hard for the best interest of his clients. He enjoys what he does and is pleasant to be around. He was extremely flexible and hard working. "
   - Diana M. Winkelman
"Robert is the kind of person that is always ready to serve and is a genuine professional. I have seen time and again Clients search him out for his excellent service and it's a pleasure to know him"
   - Jeffrey Douglass
"Robert = awesome. He was patient with us in viewing dozens of houses, even in crazy remote places. He was quick to research surrounding comps and put in offers ASAP. Once we were in escrow, he continued to coordinate with the lender, inspector, and underwriter, working diligently to quickly resolve any issues. Even after we had moved into the house, he was only a phone call away and happy to help answer questions for us. If you're looking for a personable, energetic realtor, who knows what he's doing (and will answer phone calls, emails, and texts ASAP), then Robert is your guy!"
   - Julie C
"Absolute professional! My experience with Robert was excellent! He is incredibly knowledgeable, precise and organized. He was honest about certain properties which made me feel that he had my best interest. Highly recommend Robert! "
   - Kim Pelonis
"In 2009 I relocated to San Diego from Newport, Rhode Island and Robert was highly recommended to me from a previous client of his. I met with Robert in an afternoon and he was able to find the perfect match for me and my dog within a week. I am forever grateful for this wonderful placement and follow up that I receive from Robert. I look forward to using his services again and referring him to many other friends and colleagues."
   - Liz Diaz
"I referred my own clients (I'm a local mortgage lender) to Robert as they were looking to buy a new multi unit residential investment property. These particular clients are very precise in their analysis, asking a lot of questions before jumping into a decision. Robert was a perfect match staying patient and responding confidently to each question while working in advance to prepare property options prior to their visit to San Diego (they live on the East Coast). When I am asked to refer a Realtor its critical they perform and validate my recommendation - Robert gets my full trust every time."
   - Michael S. Rosenbaum
"Robert really opened my eyes to the downtown luxury condo properties. His understanding of the buildings, their floor plans and the litigation processes was so easy and natural for him. His enthusiasm for downtown real estate made it fun to tour and to learn what is available now and what is coming in the future. He also certainly knows where to eat and what to do while down here!"
   - Pamela Freeze
"I've worked with Robert for a few years now. He's always been punctual and prepared. I see his interaction with the client and myself throughout the home inspection process and Robert always has his clients best interest as his main focus. I recommend Robert as his professionalism and enthusium is unsurpassed."
   - Peter Manjuck
"Robert was wonderful! He answered all my questions every step of the way. Even now, I know I can pick up the phone and ask a question :) I highly recommend working with him!"
   - Rajshree Chauhan
"Robert is great! I was looking for my place for about 7 months and it never felt like a chore. We had fun looking at places and really narrowing down what I liked and wanted. He was very quick with all of my questions about locations that I thought I was interested in. When I was having some issues with my first lender he hooked me up with a better lender and all three of us worked well together, getting things signed and sent back to everyone. He really knows what he is doing and goes into more detail that I ever would have thought to do! If I ever decide to buy another house I will definately go back to Robert!"
   - Sara Wolleson
"Robert is the BEST! He sure knows how to make newcomers to the neighborhood feel welcome. He put all of my hesitations at ease with his knowledge and insight of the San Diego market. His positivity made my husband and I confident in our new endeavor in a new state - making it a little easier to leave the Lone Star State. He was very quick to respond in his emails and made the whole process so easy for us!"
   - Sarah Shuford